Foto Hot Cynthiara Alona

foto hot cynthiara alona

Cynthiara Alona with real name Cut Cynthiara Alona was born July 7, 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Cynthiara Alona is a top popular Indonesian beautiful model with beautiful Asian and charming face, hot and sexy model, Indonesian actress, hot and sexy actress, Indonesian Master of Ceremonies (MC), Indonesian Disc jockey (DJ), Indonesian celebrity, hot and sexy celebrity, Indonesian beautiful women, beautiful famous women, amazing and charming women.

She has a beautiful Asian and charming face, natural beauty, sweet smile, beautiful dark brown eyes, black long hair, sexy lips, beautiful light skin, body measurement being (height: 168 cm, weight: 47 kg, pants: small, shirt: small, shoes: 7), slim and perfect body, constellation: Cancer. Cynthiara Alona education in Bachelor Degree from National University of Singapore.

Started from the very young age of seventeen years old, she became a model for Lippobank and then Jamu Nyonya Menir, talent ocean park bsd. (source: Cynthiara Alona on beautiful and sexy fashion photoshoot. Shot exclusively by Special Cynthiara Alona beauty photos, images and pictures collection from If like the high quality photos of Cynthiara Alona, please visit

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